Dear friends!

Recently, chief of one of Minsk children’s libraries called me and said: “We’d like to invite you as an author of stories and fairytales about nature to meet with children at our library. And where could we read about writer Valeriy Kastryuchin?” “You’ll find everything about me in my books”

I answered. Actually, I believe that any author’s biography is inseparably linked with his or her books, and everything interesting and remarkable that happens in the writer’s life finds its reflection in his or her creativity. But giving interviews, organizing presentations of my books, telling what a good and talented person I am – this is not my cup of tea at all!

I have authored more than 40 books already, with their total circulation nearing 700.000 copies. This fact pushed me to the decision to create a personal web-site. This is not a mirror for my self-admiration but a way to be closer to my readers.

I sincerely wish all of you health and happiness, may good success attend you!